Todd Serlin

As a self-taught contemporary artist raised in New York and living in Southern California, Todd Serlin's childhood fascination with monsters and myths evolved into the body of enigmatic faces and primitive subjects featured in his current work. Now focused on developing his art, Serlin has traversed a variety of creative and business roles in technology, finance, entertainment and film. 

Artist Statement

I celebrate the "Hero's journey" with colorful primitive figures that present exaggerated features and flaws to mirror the beauty and pain of our shared experience. My goal is to connect, inspire, and encourage viewers to decipher their own stories when contemplating my work.

Recent Exhibitions / Publications


2019 House of Creed - Live Art (Aventus) – Beverly Hills, CA

2019 City of Los Angeles - Public Art (Dist. 4) – Los Angeles, CA

2019 Group Exhibit, Studio 2500 – Birmingham, AL 

2018 Mural Series (Corporate Offices) – Los Angeles, CA 

2018 Armory Artweeks (Artbox) - Stricoff Gallery – New York

2017 Artmonious Launch Event (Abbott Kinney) – Venice, CA

2016 Chalk Mural Installations (Corporate) – Los Angeles, CA  


2019 Artsy Shark - Featured Artist:

2019 The Art Book, Artblend Agency – Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

2019 Cover, 101 Contemporary Artists, V. 2 – Los Angeles, CA 

2019 Cover, Artvoices 10th Anniversary – Los Angeles, CA 

2018 Creative Bloch Magazine, Issue #5 – Brooklyn, NY